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Discover your sacred link with Nature... 

Aesthetics, Technology, and Ethics comprise the core of KarmYog Vatika: a growing network of hyper-local plant libraries where AI-powered, digital media-embedded gardens are connecting:

  • Experts with Learners

  • Brands with Consumers

We call this GreenTelligence

What is it?

What is the
Plant Library?

Plant Library is the world's first IoT based learning & communication platform. Every plant in the Library sits in an AI-powered planter, which can be read by the smartphone to access rich digital media from the cloud. 

Powered by our award-winning OmniDEL technology, Plant Library is redefining how individuals interact with plants. Every plant in the library is a source of joyous exploration for individuals. It stimulates curiosity and quenches their thirst to know and learn.

The Plant Library provides brands an unprecedented opportunity to establish sustained engagement with communities. It funnels traffic into their digital domain in an elegant and effecive way.


Health, Wealth, Nature, Culture... 

KarmYog WellBeing is showcasing its partners to help their products and brands stand out from the clutter at AyurYog Expo, Feb 24-27th 2023, Varanasi

Who benefits from
the Plant Library?

The primary beneficiaries of the Plant Library are sponsors. The secondary beneficiaries are members or consumers.

For sponsors, the Plant Library provides a never before opportunity for promoting their brands and driving traffic into their digital domain. They have a vaiety of sponsorship options to choose from.

For individual members, the Plant Library network is a ubiquitous platform that provides motivation to learn about new things. It is also a source of subsidised green gifts. To households and institutional members, the library provides plants and gardens. Nodal members, or franchisees, get a chance to earn by setting up and running their own library. 







Traffic into digital domain
Success in shows & events
Partnership opportunties

Greenery & beautification
Subsidised plants & gardens
CSR Opportunity
Greenery & beautification
Greenery & income
Audience & income
Audience & livelihood 

Motivation to learn



...Membership into the Plant Library is free. It enrolls us into the school of life. It stimulates curiosity, which brings about motivation for life-long learning through joyous exploration. 



...The Plant Library provides brands an elegant and greener way to drive traffic to their digital domian and engage with consumers... At significantly lower costs.



Rapid urbanisation is severing our connection with nature.The Plant Library is re-establishing that sacred link for households and workplaces. It is paving the way for a greener planet.



The Plant Library helps to foster curiosity within individuals. This creates a natural demand for the flow of knowledge from experts to learners. Brands come in as sponsors. 

How does the Plant Library look?

Here is a gallery of photographs showing the various aspects of the Plant Library. It will help you get a visual sense of how each unit looks and how it is being implemented across different venues.

Modular Gardens

The Plant Library is a great example of machines and humans thriving alongside each other...

Actually, machines, humans and the rest of nature.


Hamans have always been a part of nature. But the last century of technological evolution has disrupted the synergy between humans and nature. OmniDEL is correcting this. It is providing the technology framework to help us discover and re-establish our vital link with nature. 

To understand how OmniDEL works one needs to understand a couple of new terms:

  1. Q.Rius
    This is an integrated graphic that includes an image (face), a mnemonic or logo and a textual question. This is usually printed on planters that houses the plants in The Plant Library.

  2. StoryTube:
    This is the multimedia database in the cloud, which provides answers to the questions in the Q.Rius. 

How does AI enhance The Plant Library?

From AI for recognition
to robotics for expression... The Future beckons our present.

You can OmniDEL a Q.Rius using your smartphone, much the same way you would scan a QR-code. When you do so, the AI based app uses machine learning algorithms to recognise the image, the mnemonic and the question on the Q.Rius and plays the exact answer from StoryTube. That marks the beginning of your journey into a new era of learning.


is ultimately the king... 

Statue with Bitcoin Glasses


planning & management


Soumyajit Ghosh
WealthApp Deistrobutors


The Plant Library works in tandem with its content development factory in the backend... This is where we create intelligent Q.Rius that arouse people's curiosity as they stumble upon a question. The multilingual answers to the questions found on a Q.Rius, is curated from the real life experiences shared by the best experts from a variety of fields. These are converted into attractive multimedia nuggets by our talented content development team. These go into StoryTube... The rich and dynamic storehouse of knowledge & wisdom on a variety of subjects or themes: generic as well as sponsored.

Expertise distilled into stories that inspire, inform and persuade. 


How it all integrates 

Finally it all comes together in the elegant engagement model of the Plant Library.


Brands get to engage with consumers by sponsoring content, events or campaigns, around the theme of their choice. 

Members are engaged via the Plant Library network in a continuous journey to help them embrace a greener lifestyle... They can avail of gardening services, plants & other green products that are subsidised by brands. It also gives them ever new opportunities to discover and learn about stuff that matter to them.




The Plant Library 

A 12 week festival across 12 venues in Kolkata to help institutes connect with prospective students and parents.


What are people saying...

“It’s a wonderful feeling when people have positive things to say about the Plant Library. It reinforces the firm belief with which we had set it up in our office. Seeing the vibes that it generates we are convinced about adopting more of these.”

Soumyajit Ghosh


“In over 4 decades of my professional journey in the field of agriculture and horticulture I have seen many innovations. the Plant Library is one of the top ideas in this space, and has the potential to reshape how we look at urban landscape.”

Jayanta Chakravarty