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Planter Size :
Dia : 8" Depth:6"

Description: Jade bonsai (Portulacaria afra), also known as dwarf jade plant and elephant bush, is a small succulent shrub native to South America with thick, small leaves and woody stems. Dwarf jade resembles the common jade plant (Crassula ovata).

Care Instructions: 
Water:  Less is more as far as watering jade plants is concerned.
Soil Type:Jade plants grow best in slightly acidic soil that hovers around 6.0 on the pH scale.
Sun Exposure: Room temperature (65° to 75°F / 18° to 24°C), but prefer slightly cooler temperatures at night and in the winter (down to 55°F / 13°C).
Benefits: It Improves Indoor Air Quality, It Increases Humidity, A Good Luck Symbol
Precaution:ZZ Plants can be irritating to cats, dogs, and humans if foliage consumed. Best practice is always to keep houseplants out of reach of small children and pets



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